Does Your Dog Have Allergy Symptoms? He May Be Allergic TO YOU!

Dogs are known to trigger allergy symptoms in humans but many dog owner do not know that it can be a two-way street. One of the causes of allergy is dander, the tiny cells that are discarded from hair, fur and feathers. All animals shed them, and humans to0, in fact! Although rare, it is possible for your pet dog to be allergic to you.

“It’s rare, but dogs can be allergic to cat dander and people dander and vice versa. For everything,” says Raelynn Farnsworth, of Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. dog allergy

Aside from dander, flea saliva and some foods are common triggers of allergy. Symptoms of an allergy in dogs include inflamed and itchy skin, runny nose and sneezing. Also watch out for the period or duration the symptoms last; is it only during certain seasons or is it all year round?

Luckily for our pets, testing for environmental allergens, both seasonal and non-seasonal, are readily available.

“We routinely test dogs for reactions to cat dander,” she says. “This includes a small amount of allergen placed under the skin to test for reactions, just like in human allergy testing,” Christine Cain, of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine told National Geographic.

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