Woman Thinks She Saved One Dog, But Finds Out She Saved Many More!

“It was just a miracle,” a joyful Jolene told the press. “I only wanted to save one dog, never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned saving more…”

Jolene, a volunteer at St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary in California, was not only doing her job, but was completing God’s mission on Earth for her when she happened to take Gemma in.

Gemma is an adorable white, fluffy German Shepherd. A sight to truly behold, but a sight, that a few weeks ago, was nothing more that a nightmare of sores and mange. Gemma’s body, over 70% of it, had been struck down by a commun enough doggy malady.

A strict course of antibiotics and a diligent regiment of baths, and she would be as good as new. A completely treatable illness. Still, one that her owners did not wish to partake in. Gemma was left at the shelter, abandoned and forsaken.

Jolene, seeing the sad dog, instantly resolved to cure her complains. Weeks passed by and, although brimming obstacles and hardship, Jolene managed to wrestle Gemma out of her shell.

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