Family Surrenders Puppy Because She’s Too ”Ugly”

Nelly was considered an overlooked ugly pup who no one wanted. As her owners believed that outer beauty was more important than inner.

For months, Nelly was a victim of this belief. She was considered not pretty enough for her owners, as a result, was brought to a shelter and forgotten.

Days and even months went by without signs of adoption, she almost was euthanized for being considered an ugly pup. But faith was never lost and her sad story was shared on social networks.

Finally, the big day arrived. She was adopted by a sweet family who took her to live at a big farm where she felt protected and loved.

Now, she has new friends to play with: dogs, kittens, chickens and even horses. Her owner even gave her a new name according to her beautiful black puppy lovable face: Lilly.

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