Town Revokes Pit Bull Ban, Thanks To A Pit Bull’s Heroic Act!

Hazel Park is now among the many towns that lifted the ban on the Pit Bull breed. The move comes after a woman was saved by her Pit Bull from a domestic violence abuse inflicted by her boyfriend.

Jamie Kraczkowski was defended by her Pit Bull in March when her boyfriend came home angry, violent and pissed drunk. Her boyfriend shoved her against the wall until Ice, her Pit bull, jumped in and grabbed her boyfriend’s pant leg.


When police arrived, the town could have taken her dog away because he  is an illegal breed but they gave Jamie and Ice special consideration since the dog saved her life. They gave her five days to take the dog away from Hazel Park.

After Jamie’s story aired on FOX 2 in March, the removal demand sparked anger among the dog-loving community and thus, a battle to overturn the ban arose. Finally, at the council meeting Tuesday, the ban has finally beedn revoked.

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