Toddler Rapper Pays Tribute To Dogs All Over The World. Listen To His Amazing Single!

A kid showing his love for dogs all over the world? Yes, please! Our little star, who goes by the moniker Lil Sammy C, just dropped a single that will blow the minds of dog lovers around the globe.

In time for National Puppy Day, the kid rapper released his newest single called “I Love Puppy Dogs,” dedicated to our furry buddies and how amazing they are. And by the way, Lil Sammy C is only three years old!

Of course, the video would have never come to fruition if it weren’t for the help of Lil Sammy’s cool brother Caleb and his supportive dad too.

“Posted for National Puppy Day! If you love Puppy Dogs – you MUST WATCH this video! Lil Sammy C loves Puppies & with the help of 7-Yr-Old Big Brother Caleb C. & dad, he made a fun Rap Music Video about it,” the video description writes.

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