Dog Can’t Catch Treats In Epic Slow Motion! Why Is This So Mesmerizing?

It’s no secret that dogs love yummy junk foods (hotdogs, donuts, tacos, meat balls etc) just as much as we humans do. Normally, if a dog sees these treats flying their way, they want it so bad they never miss catching it. But one particular Golden Retriever is unlike any dog you’ve seen before.

You see, Fritz the Golden just can’t catch any treat. The funny thing is that his is owner is not a nail-sized pinch of a hotdog but the whole thing. It just goes in the air and lands square on his face or neck. It’s sad and hilarious.

I don’t advocate any dog owner giving their dog human food, much more so a fattening junk food that may have ingredients that’s bad for dogs. I assume that based on the Fritz’ size, he doesn’t eat these junk food on a regular basis and this video was created solely for entertainment purposes.

Also, the treats featured on the video are soft and chewy so even if they land on the dog’s face, it’s not going to hurt at all.

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