This Dog Hears An Ambulance And Has The Funniest Reaction Ever!

OMG Is this puppy for real?I literally fell of my seat as I watched his reaction upon hearing an ambulance.

So the dog is standing on some sidewalk with his owner. In the distance, you can hear a siren from an ambulance wailing.

This Dog Hears An Ambulance And Makes The Funniest Reaction Ever! Watch And Laugh Your Socks Off.

The dog looks up in the air in curiosity and then did the most laughable thing ever—he imitated the ambulance. He thought maybe the ambulance is a secret way of communication among his kind. But God knows what he’s thinking.

They say a puppy’s brain is like a sponge, and the video next page proves that. This pup seems pretty convinced that he’s an ambulance, thus responding to the wail of his fellow ambulance.

Go to the next page to watch the silly dog in action! Dee do dee do dee do.

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