This Cat-Poop Flavored Dog Treat Recipe Is So Disgusting Your Dogs Will Love Them

First of all, why would anyone bake such a stinking treat? Simple. Because dogs love them.

Celebri-chef / genius Alton Brown came up with a dog treat recipe that smells and tastes like cat poop after one ill-fated incident with his dog Sparky. It’s quite hysterical.

Brown was sitting on the couch when his doting dog jumped next to him and started licking his ear. It’s a nice gesture for the dog, except that there was something ‘’gritty’’ about it.

Brown turns his face towards the dog when the hyper little critter licked him in the mouth, and it dawned on him–that gritty feeling turned out to be cat poop. His dog has been snacking on them!

Now why would his discerning dog eat those disgusting little feces? And then he goes to wonder why anyone hasn’t come up with a dog treat that replicates that ‘’poo-ness.’’

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