Spaying, Neutering Pets Potentially Reduced To A Single Injection! Here’s How It Works!

Spaying and neutering pets serve to deter unwanted litters of puppies or kittens. Nonetheless, surgical corrections or tweaks to a pet may at often times be painful and expensive.

Now, research has discovered a way to chemically provide a new form of birth control; a simple hypodermic injection to the animal’s hip.

The injection contains a small antibody that bars hormonal reproduction, effectively rendering the animal sterile. The reproductive systems of all pets require gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). This hormone promotes the gestation of sperm and eggs. If somehow blocked, the animal can no longer reproduce.

Now, due to this scientific breakthrough, there is no longer any need to cause an animal unwanted stress or pain. Plus, as an added advantage, the injection is cost-effective. This permits government sanction or community approved outreach programs in certain areas; programs that may help control the feral dog or cat populations.

The injection, for now, has been limited to mice, but Cincinnati Zoo is commencing a pilot program in order to gain a working knowledge on its viability on larger vertebrates.

One single-shot and, in the future, your dog might live a better and longer life.

Source: theAnimalRescueSite