Woman Finds Courage To Leave Abusive Lover, Thanks To Small Puppy

A woman who has endured years of battery from her lover finally leaves. She found the courage to finally walk out the door after a fragile puppy came into her life.

Sometimes, it is only when another love one is in danger that our survival instinct truly emerges. It is in the pain that the other feels, in their sorrow that we manage to locate ounces of strength previously hidden.

Our fate is our own, our trials and tribulations are our sins to carry. Yet, when those sins or our choices start to encroach on others, that is when we are galvanized into action.

Amanda, like many women in this world, have been victims to perhaps one of the most cowardly acts any human being can commit. She’s fallen prey to a man who doled out pain and sold it as love.

She’s one more innocent hassled by abused. Subjected to the whims of an angry animal. For years, Amanda experienced this fiend’s control over her. The constant spiral of violence he bullied her with.

One day, Amanda volunteer to care for a liter of huskies. Kyro, one of the pups, instantly became her favorite. It was Kyro who ultimately ended up saving her. Turn to the next page to see how the story ends.