Small Dog Adorably Sips Delicious Milkshake Without Breaking Eye Contact

Sometimes I feel like a knocked-up dame with a hankering. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what time it is, what day or for that matter what the circumstances are. Sometimes I’m willing to kill, bargain off granny and sell my soul for a nice, creamy, extremely yummy and sugar filled milkshake.. and I know of one small dog that agrees with me!

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or, if you like one with a punch, an Irish finish. Those calorie packing monsters are the sort of fare that can make a grown man damn his diet and cry like a baby.

As such, it isn’t exactly a surprise when this video popped up on the net and flooded all the social media sites like a choco-chip tsunami with sprinkles and a dash of Colombian Coffee.

The video features the cutest little pooch with a craving for liquid sweetness. Thankfully, he gets to fulfill this craving by enjoying the sugary goodness that is his human’s milkshake.

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