Sleepy Dog Won’t Let Anything Disturb His Beauty Nap

Do you know that feeling of being so incredibly tired, you could fall asleep anywhere? This particular sleepy dog sure does!

When you gotta’ sleep, you gotta’ sleep. Nothing will wake you up if you’re bone tired. If your body needs a wicked rest it will shut down every function and instantly reset itself.

You might as well be dead to the world if you ever slide into this state. Not even a two-ton truck will wrestle you from the Sandman’s grasp.

This dog has either had a rather stressful week, or some villain went and doped him up with some sleeping agent or pill. There’s punch-out, knackered, K.O.ed, lights out, nobody home, then there’s a super marketer door slamming into your skull… And not even the slightest reaction.

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