Hilarious Disaster Ensues After Shih Tzu Gets Cheap Haircut

Mimi’s new cut makes her look, and I quote straight from the owner’s Twitter feed, like “a rat on meth.” It’s a far cry from the usual chic haircut she normally gets.

It is a ridiculous cut that flies in the face of good taste and decency. The once fluffy Mimi has been given a trim design by the very barbers of hell.

Hang in there Mimi, we’ve all been in your shoes a couple times during our lifetime. It will grow back, I promise.

Here’s how she looked like before the hair cut <3

Moments later…Eek!!!

One last jab at the poor pup’s predicament.

Good taste is dead. This hair cut is definitely a disaster. Poor little Shih Tzu.

Featured image via Twitter/Joe Pitruzella