Shaving Dogs Into Cubes: Fab Or Fail?

Lately, our need to go way beyond the sanity line is just baffling. Sometimes, out in the street, you see fashion trends that boggle the mind and make you snap back in disbelief.

Shaving dogs into cubes definitely is one of them.

From the country that brought you Godzilla, panties in automatic dispensers, octopus porn and fetish bistros, not to mention raw fish as delicacy; Japan has a new dog grooming idea that’s bound to remind you of Minecraft.

Japan is often remembered as a place for odd behavior; a place where all sorts of strange happenings take place. One of these affinities is their love for geometric shapes, the square watermelon being a perfect example.

Their fanaticism has now crossed into dog grooming territory. The latest style consists of shaving a dog into asymmetrical cubes or circles.

Click through to the next page for more photos.. After all, shaving dogs into cubes can’t truly be explained with just one pic.