Service Dog Who Came To School Every Day Honored In Yearbook!

One could imagine best friends taking their yearbook picture in remembrance of their high school years. All the smiles, the poses, even the funny faces.

But what one cannot imagine is seeing a 15-year-old boy taking his yearbook picture with his four-legged friend.

Dog Yearbook Feature

This is the case of Harry Hulse, who is a Northern Guilford High School Student, and his service dog Taffy.

Harry has type 1 diabetes and constantly needs Taffy on his side. They are together 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Harry takes him everywhere he goes, including school. This pup has become everybody’s friend, he is one of the boys as well.

Taffy is trained to warn Harry with his paw when he needs food or an insulin shot. He even alerts him when he feels that Harry’s blood sugar is going through the roof.

So when Stephany Hicks – yearbook editor – found out the pictures were to be taken, she secretly took Taffy´s picture and added it to the yearbook without Harry’s knowledge. She wanted it to be a fun surprise.

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