Couple Runs Sanctuary For Sick And Dying Dogs. Tearjerker!

If there’s anything worse than dying, it’s dying alone with no one to hold your hand throughout the ordeal. A lot of dog owners dump their dogs or give them up to animal shelters when they determine they could no longer take care of their canine companions.

But one couple understands how being alone for old, unwanted and terminally ill dogs must feel like so they did something about it.

shelter dog 2

Armed with dedication and compassion for dog, couple Priyanka Johri and Rovi Grover established a sanctuary specifically for unwanted and dying canines. Dubbed as Pure Mutts Animal Sanctuary, the goal of the shelter is to make dogs feel loved and wanted for the remaining days of their life.

“You want to make sure that they know before they pass somebody cared and somebody loved them,” says Priyanka Johri.

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