San Diego Cop Executes Friendly Service Dog. Owner Cries For Justice.

A California man who goes by the name Anderson is devastated after a San Diego cop shot his friendly service dog in the head. The dog just wanted a pat.

At around 5am in the morning, two officers came barging into Anderson’s house over a domestic disturbance call. Anderson and his service dog Burberry woke up from the clamor. As it turns out, the officers got the wrong address.

And what’s a dog to do when people just walk into their house during an unholy hour? He barks and growls. It’s a natural reaction for dogs.

But even so, Burberry is a sweet and friendly service dog who loves people. In the surveillance video, the dog actually warmed up to the officers. You can see one of them patting the dog on the head.

But it started to go south when he ran to the other officer who appears to be visibly afraid of dogs. He drew his gun, told the dog to back away and then off-screen, just shot the dog. He killed Burberry as he nail him square in the face right above the eye.

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