Emaciated Dogs Rescued From Alabama Puppy Mill. Watch Them Feel Love For The First Time!

Approximately 60 dogs were kept at this Alabama puppy mill in filthy outdoor pens. It’s suspected they were being bred to fight with hogs for a malicious sadistic type of sport.

Most people think that their dogs are their family. In fact sometimes treat them better than family and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see the condition these dogs were in when the police and humane society came in to rescue them.

Emaciated Alabama puppy mill dogs use their bare paws for shelter. Heart-wrenching.

Most of the dogs were extremely emaciated and sick. Even the puppies are estimated to have not been fed in over a week.

It really makes my heart sink to see that such barbaric practice is a reality in this day and age. Dogs are man’s best friends and with should be safe with a loving family in a warm home.

Turn to the next page to see puppies rescued from horrifying conditions at an Alabama puppy mill. No dog should ever go through anything like this. It’s appalling.