Puppies Rescued From Korean Dog Meat Farm Feel LOVE For the First Time!

San Francisco SPCA, a puppy rescue operations, has managed to save an army of adorable puppies from a Korean Travesty. Each puppy, having endured not only a lifetime of humiliations but a close call with death.

Korean “meat farms” have always been a dilemma in that faraway exotic country. A taxing problem for humane societies trying to abolish a local practice that goes against certain sensibilities.

SPCA, glossing over the many cultural differences, flew all the way to that far flung nation on a mission. A mission to rescue animals in need.

They managed, with the proper authorities, to close down this house of horrors. Dozens of poor defenseless animals being kept in abominable conditions and circumstances.

SPCA shackled that gates shut and sprung loose the dogs. They instantly gave each and everyone the necessary medical condition and, afterwards, boarded them on a plane.

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