Pregnant Dog Is Rescued From Violent Fighting Pit Seconds Before Giving Birth

This poor mama snatched a second chance at life when a group of heroes raided an illegal fighting pit and saved her in the nick of time.

She was moments away from giving birth when a group of rescuers barged in a managed to haul her out just as her water broke.

The instantly flew into triage mode, knowing that the poor dog’s chances of survival were slim at best. After all, they lived through such harsh and violent treatment.

She was but a baby but already, a future mother– A future mother who had suffered through hell.

Her battered body a scorecard of the worst abuse man can inflict on a poor defenseless animal. She was one of 112 rescued dogs sprung free from a violent fighting ring.

Wait until you see how the story ends. Proud new mama was able to deliver adorable new litter.

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