Pit Bull On The Loose Allegedly Terrorizing Neighborhood. How Cop Responds Will Melt Your Heart!

A police officer made an unlikely friend on duty. Deputy Mark Elsaid of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida responded to a self-initiated call about a rogue Pit bull roaming around the neighborhood. The neighbors were very concerned that the dog would harm the children and the stigma was largely brought by the breed.

The dog’s name is Red. She has an owner but happened to slip through the cracks of the gate and decided to go on an adventure.11081370_921271031257503_6993915449613585524_n

The dog was incredibly friendly. When the deputy spotted Red, she jumped onto the deputy’s car window as if begging him to play. We’ve seen and heard many stories of cops shooting this breed out of fear but this deputy graced the friendly Pittie’s invitation instead.

After some play time, Officer Elsaid delivered the Pit Bull back to it’s owner.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office decided to post the story of Officer Elsaid and his encounter with Red not only to tell people about the work that they do but also to help quell people’s fear of the Pit Bull breed. They can be really sweet and loving dogs.


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