Pit Bull Wants Cookie And Knows Exactly How To Ask! Too CUTE.

This clever Pit bull asks for a cookie and he knows exactly how to do it! Meet Czr the Pit Bull. This dog has been making rounds on the internet for his amazing ability to accurately answer yes or no questions. It also helps that he’s really handsome so he always gets what he wants.

One can easily figure out that this dog is a huge food lover just by look at his immense size.Pit Bull Wants A Cookie And He Knows How To Ask

In the beginning, owner asked if Czr wants to go outside, to which he shook his head to tell her that he doesn’t want to. And then owner asked if Czr wants a cookie, to which the Pittie jumped up and down in joy to communicate that he indeed wants a piece of cookie. The dog’s owner asked again if he really wants a cookie and Czr just bounced up and down like never before.

Later in the video, owner asked if Czr would also like to eat his dinner, and the dog gave owner a huge nod! Finally, she asked if Czr loves her and the dog nods once more!

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