These People Hate Seeing Dogs In Chains. What They Did About It Is Beautiful!

A group of compassionate people hates seeing dogs in chains. Instead of whining about it, they actually did something to improve the lives of chained up dogs and their owners instead of becoming part of the problem.

“Fences for Fido” volunteers to build fences for dogs living in the outdoors so their owners won’t have to chain them up anymore. It has made many dogs and their owners happy.


You can see in the dog’s faces just how delighted they are as they discover and savor to the fullest their newfangled freedom. Most of the dogs helped by “Fences for Fido” seem to have been tethered for some time and are rarely let off their short ties. That’s why as soon as they were freed from the shackles of their chain, they run wild and fast as if they could keep going forever. As long as the fence stands, the dogs can continue to enjoy their freedom.