You Have To See These Heartbreaking Thoughts Of An Abandoned Dog

This video will really get you thinking. It’s no secret that many people are afraid of Pit Bulls. In fact, they are not even trying hard to hide the stigma.

After all, statistic don’t lik and Pit Bull is on the cream of the crop in terms of dog attack against humans.

But how come there are good Pitties and bad ones? This goes on to stress that perhaps it’s not the dog but the owner that raised them. Dogs aren’t born bad but they can easily be taught bad habits and manners.

Pitties are known to be loving and loyal to a fault. They will break bad in the name of their owner’s approval, making them ideal fighting dogs. After months, even years of abuse from their irresponsible owners, most Pitties still yearn the loving touch of a human.

It’s heartbreaking that some Pit Bulls put their life on the line in the name of their owner’s sick entertainment. Turn to the next page to see the heartbreaking video.


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