How To Beat Your Shyness And Approach Party Dogs!

Treats: hand them out like candy, but beware. If he starts to look like a balloon about to explode them you’ve seriously gone too dogs 3

Guitar man: if you’ve brought a guitar, and are not Keith Richards, then stuff it in the closet and never take it out. Party dogs do not want you sounding like a drowning cat.dogs parties 4
Mind your step: Dance, swing, do the Macarena, just be wary of your legs. One small, narcotized kick, and the object of your affections will be spiraling out the door like a soccer ball.dogs parties 5
Goodbyes: Say thank you. Shake hands and tell your host that you’ve had a lovely evening, then move along. Do not, although you may want to, kidnap your host. Do not, and I can’t stress this enough, toss him in the back of your car and make a mad dash towards the Canadian dogs 6

So there you go. Some of these are no brainer. I guess the general conclusion that we can draw is to not get carried away, whatever you do.

Source: Bark PostCatsass