Woman Finds Her Dog In Horrific Shape After Home Robbery

A lady’s home was robbed but it’s what the dark-hearted robbers did to her old dog that broke her heart. “It looked like they tried to kill her,” Sarah Brikel told the reporters. A few weeks ago on a Friday, within the neighboring community of Hamtramck, a thief entered Sarah’s house.

Early in the morning, as Sarah was out, someone ransacked her home and did away with most of her belongings. But, it wasn’t the material things that shocked Sarah to her core, once she returned to her home late that afternoon.

The back door had been forced open, the lights were on, her home was a mess. The caregiver quickly went around, searching for her most precious treasure, her old dog, Abbey.

Abbey was limping, in a bad state, a broken broom lay close to her – the robber or robbers – having used it to beat Abbey into submission.

But, that wasn’t all. Go to the next page to see what they did to the poor old dog.