Miserable Stray Dog Stoold In The Rain And Would’t Move, Until Lady Gave Her A Blanket

Valinda wanted to earn the poor dog’s trust. She was shivering, so she threw a towel over him.

Eventually, she took a photo of the dog and shared it on Facebook.

“This morning I came across this pitiful, wet, cold, hungry baby. After a while of feeding her beef jerky and dog food, we finally got a leash on her. I’m not sure where she came from, but I hope she never has to go back.”

Valinda’s friend Sue came and drove them to a nearby shelter. There, the stray dog got some love and attention, and not long after, her fun and loving personality shone!

“There are always options,” she told The Dodo. “What if I ignored this cold, wet, hungry dog and kept driving? She could have froze to death, been hit by a car or numerous other things.’’

Check out photos below.

Valinda taught us a very important lesson! A simple act of kindness can mean the whole world to those who have nothing.

H/T The Dodo

Images via Facebook/Valinda Cortez