Miserable Stray Dog Stoold In The Rain And Would’t Move, Until Lady Gave Her A Blanket

Stray dogs will seek shelter in order to survive. But sometimes, life can be so hard they choose to give up and succumb to illness and the elements.

That’s exactly what this poor pup went through. When Valinda drove to a convenience store, he noticed a stray dog soaking wet from the rain and won’t move.

It was freezing that day, and it was obvious the dog has been standing there for sometime. Defeat was written all over her face.

Thankfully, Valinda is an animal lover. She had pet supplies in her car that she was going to drive to the shelter that day.

“I’m not sure where she came from, but I hope she never has to go back,” Valinda wrote on Facebook. “She had an obvious eye infection. Her hair was matted. She had an open wound on her leg.”

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