Man Sues To Get His Dog Back. At The Courtroom, Judge Lets Dog Decide!

Unfortunately, it is quite common for precious dogs to disappear and end up in the hands of another family. Whether stolen or picked up by animal control, there certainly have been bizarre situations in which rightful dog owners had fight to get their dog back.

One such situation is that of the Carlisle family. They had just moved from Alabama to Florida. Within days in the new state, their son’s service dog freaked and disappeared.

Three months later, they saw a photo of their lost dog on a Facebook post from a shelter 45 minutes away. When they phoned them to get her back, they said the dog was adopted within days that they put her up for adoption.

The contacted the new adoptive family to get her back but they refused at first. They eventually caved in when they found out about Zack’s situation.

Don’t let this happen to you. Microchip your dog to make sure he makes it back home!