Man Sues To Get His Dog Back. At The Courtroom, Judge Lets Dog Decide!

The heart never forgets. If you love your dog and he knows deep in his heart it’s true, he will always come back to you.

A man and doting dog owner was devastated when he lost his dog. Not too long after, he found her in the care of another woman who loves him very much.

The man tried to get his dog back, but to no avail he failed. The woman said he purchased the dog legally in the streets so it is rightfully hers.

The battle for custody became ugly.

But the man wasn’t just going to give up on a his dog and member of the family. That’s when he decided to sue to become the dog’s rightful and ONLY owner.

The case was featured on an episode of Judge Judy—which dog lovers all over the world became obsessed with. Judge Judy let the lost dog decide who his owner should be!

And the result was absolutely incredible. Check out the tearjerker reunion in the next page!