Love Goggles Prevent Dog Owners From Recognizing Dog Obesity, Study Finds

“The more they see other people’s dogs of similar weight, it becomes harder and harder to recognize.”

This is the largest global study of weight loss in dogs, participated by 926 dogs in 72 countries.

The dogs are placed in high-fiber and high-protein diet with exercise in three months and they lost an average of 11 percent of their body fat. It also decreased their food-seeking behavior and increased their overall health –no more counter surfing for the win!

“The purpose of this study was not to ask the question does this diet work for weight loss in obese dogs (asked and answered!), but to see whether we could produce success across the world—different dogs in different countries,” German added.

Adding high fiber and protein into dog diet curb his craving for calories while preserving lean mass antd muscle during weight loss. Exercise also has to be fun for both the dog and owner to ensure they follow through with it.

H/T Nat Geo