Love Goggles Prevent Dog Owners From Recognizing Dog Obesity, Study Finds

”Too much love will kill you,” a recent study proves this cheesy line to be true. Canine obesity is a major problem and it is on the rise as dog owners are blinded by their love for their pets.

The ideal weight for dogs depend on their size and breed, however, the rule of thumb is that the ribs should be palpable with minimal fat in between. If you can no longer feel your dog’s ribs or that his waist is practically the same size as his ribs, then your dog is definitely packing too much weight. This process is called ”visual and hands-on examination,” says Alex German, small animal specialist at the U.K.’s University of Liverpool, who co-authored the study.

“There is a tendency to underestimate the score of your own dog,” German says.

The study furthers that it should be easy for a dog owner to spot an obese dog. Unfortunately, the rise in canine obesity and the sight of obese dogs on the daily make dog owners second guess themselves.

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