Lonely Pit bull Awaits Forever Home With Tin Bucket As His Only Friend

Slim, a lonely pit bull, was discovered in an abandoned home. The animal had been left alone, neglected and awaiting death from a series of health related issues. He was sick, weak, and moments from entering the pearly gates.

It is the sort of story design, exclusively, to break your heart. the sort of sad tale, that can only wring your soul and harken tears from your eyes.

Luckily, he was recovered in time, and nursed back to a stable condition. His past, a mystery that will forever be locked up in his mind.

Now, ten months have passed since that fateful rescue. Ten month in which poor Slim has diligently waited for someone to adopt him; for some kind of angel to take him into a home and give him the love he so desperately craves for.

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