Playful Labrador Ignores Owner And Forgets His Name In Hilarious Chase

Fenton instantly went viral and quickly became a meme. They have embedded his owner’s yelling into popular movies such Jurassic Park and the Lion King.

The full transcript of the video goes:

”Fenton. Fenton. Fenton! Fentooon!! Fentoooon!!! Fentoooooooon!!!! Fentoooon!!! Oh, Jesus Christ! Fentooon!!!! Oh, Jesus Christ! FENTON!!! Oh, Christ! Oh, Christ.”

I know. How on earth did they turn that into a meme? Well, see for yourself below!

Here’s Fenton in Jurassic Park! They made it seem like he is chasing a pack of dinosaurs.

And he also caused the stampede of Wildebeests in Lion King that almost killed Simba.

Then he chased a bunch of native inhabitants in Pirates of the Caribbean.

With Fenton, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to like, comment and share with your friends and family!