Playful Labrador Ignores Owner And Forgets His Name In Hilarious Chase

Naming a dog, whether it be Bailey, Charlie or Buddy, is normally the first thing we humans do to form a bond with our four-legged friend. However, no matter how early we name them, there are moments during a dog’s life where they get distracted to the point where their name loses all meaning to them.

Some dogs experience this when seeing a delicious slice of birthday cake in front of them on the table. Others experience it romping around with a fellow canine.

For Fenton, it’s this herd of deer that makes him forget the name his human gave him when he was just a pup.

Watch the video below and witness Fenton’s doggy instincts take over.

A dog’s will of their own; although it may cause us the occasional unpleasant situation, we wouldn’t want them any other way. It’s that own will that makes them so special and we love them for it!

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