Playful Labrador Ignores Owner And Forgets His Name In Hilarious Chase

”Dogs are loyal creatures,” we dog owners claim.  But occasionally, they would get distracted and completely forget we exist.

With the internet being around for so long, it’s nice to look back at some classic clips that we may have forgotten about. The following video of Fenton, a happy black Labrador with a will of its own, falls in that category.

Recorded back in 2011, the setting of the clip is Richmond Park in London, where Fenton and his human Max Findley were enjoying a quiet walk…that is until Fenton spotted a herd of deer.

Upon spotting the wild deer, Fenton’s playful canine comes out, chasing the herd to the displeasure of his owner. A disgruntled Mr. Findley can be seen chasing his pooch, while hopelessly yelling out its name.

Unfortunately for Findley, Fenton’s only focus is chasing the deer.. you know, as dogs do. Things get even worse, however, when a busy road gets thrown into the equation.

Although every dog owner knows that feeling of hopelessness when their pooch grows a will of their own, ignoring every command, it’s hard not to laugh at this hopeless situation. Maybe it’s exactly that familiarity that makes it so hilarious.

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