Kid Was About To Get Hit By A Bus. Who Jumped In To Save Her Life–Unreal!

A Border Collie named, Angel – I kid you not – jumped haphazardly in front of a speeding truck and managed to save a little girl’s life. Like a secret service agent, the pooch blocked the girl’s path and prevented a tragic outcome.

This deed of selfless heroics was witnessed in Oklahoma City, in broad daylight. The witness of the magical feat left flabbergasted by the dog’s almost preternatural rescue.

The stray dog, who – if there is any justice in the world – has now been adopted by the grateful family, had been seen playing around the neighborhood. The dependable collie, always waltzing about in chipper and lovable manner, a pest to no-one.

The right knight at the right time; like his namesake professes, a true celestial savior. The family in a state of utter happiness and thankfulness.

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