Is Your Cat A Dog? Here Are The 8 Signs!

Identity crisis are a common occurrence nowadays. A way of the psyche to readjust certain irregularities. Psychologist have had a hard time with that particular disorder in the past. Here are 8 sign your cat is actually a dog!

Now, while you watch this adorable and charming video, you’ll be amazed by what seems to be a common trend… Is your cat a dog? Does your feline companion need professional help?

There are telltale signs of this growing disorder in the animal kingdom. Tiny red-flags that might tell an animal lover that their kitty needs the helping hand of a Freud.

Obviously, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if your cat turns out to be a pooch. Whether he’s one or the other, they can both qualify as a furry four-legged friend. However, they do require their own unique way of handling, and thus it might be fundamental to find out wether or not your cat suffers from doggy-lusion.

Watch the video on the next page and get a good idea of what the 8 alarms are. Alarms that instantly tell a cat owner that their friend is a closet dog. That he would rather be taken out on leash than given full range of the yard.