Photographer Turns Homeless Dog Living With Garbage Into A King!

From rags to riches, it’s a true Lion King story for this homeless dog. “Oh, I just can’t wait… Just Can’t wait… To be king!”

With that last verse, Simba’s plan for the future of his monarchy, out in the African plains, was laid bare to his subjects. A mighty roar and the Circle Of Life was once more put into motion. The pack, as it were, was content.

German photographer Julia Marie Werner, a resident of Spain, was one day walking through her neighborhood when love struck her heart, She heard a clamour by a heap of garbage. Shifting through the detritus and human waste, a scruffy mutt was on the prowl for scraps of food.

Instantly, Julia decided to adopt and save the homeless dog. She named her new best friend, Tschikko Leopold von Werner. And just like that, while trying to help him adjust to his new lifestyle an idea flashed within her brain pan.

“He already looked like Simba to me,” Julia told Bored Panda. “And I am a big Lion King Fan. A friend of mine had some fabric leftover so one afternoon we stitched the mane together.”

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