Happy Pit Bull Enjoys Bacon But Has ZERO Love For Broccoli. Hilarious!

No one likes their veggies; that is a fact. There’s nothing worse than having to be tossed on the table and told, “you can’t have your pudding until you finish your spinach!” The horror upon hearing those words.. that’s exactly how this happy pit bull must have felt when his human tried to feed him veggies instead of bacon.

Well, doggies cant eat pudding, they are mostly lactose intolerant, but they have excellent dog treats that are heavenly to taste. Perfectly delicious dog treats that might as well melt in their mouths. Dog treats made out of fatty ambrosia and faux chocolate delight.

Happy Pit Bull

Well, this human, tried to put one over on his pitbull. And, as you will no doubt see in this perfectly hilarious video, his dog will have none of it! He knows what he likes and that does not include veggies, that’s for sure!

“You swine, give me back my dog treats!” In my mind the pitbull has a slight Cockney accent; like street urchins from some Dickens tale.

Lost you there? I guess you’ll have to see what I’m talking about for yourself. Click on through to the next page and check out the hilarious video of this veggie-hating Pit Bull.