Dog Drowning In Tennis Balls May Be The Happiest Dog In The World

Drowning in a sea of balls, it’s what could turn any pooch into the happiest dog in the world!

Sometimes you just need to get in touch with your inner child. Really re-discover that happy part of your youth, that adulthood has somehow stripped you of. Well, part of that flashback consists of forgoing all your prejudices and seriousness and embracing the fool within.

Dogs share this need, as they get older they simply desire to relive those glory days. And, when we are babes, or in their case puppies, there is nothing more childish and fun that a ball-pit.

A gigantic ball pool, the sort where you can simply sink into and forget all your troubles. For this happy-go-lucky, and extremely cute, pooch there is nothing more profoundly cool and joyous than his very own ball pit.

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