Brave Dog Spots Movement In The Water, Jumps In To Save Drowning Baby Deer!

Upon getting to shore, the injured deer attempts to get away from his rescuer but doesn’t get very far. The struggle from staying afloat has left him without the strength to stand.

The video ends with Storm licking and gently pawing the exhausted animal. At that point, all he wants if for the baby deer to take a moment and catch its breath.

Check out Storm’s heroic in the video below. I am absolutely mind-blown.

Freeley alerted a local animal rescue group, who were quick to make it to the scene. Despite the baby deer jumping back into the water, the team was able to save it a second time and bring it to a shelter.

The deer has since made a full recovery.. all thanks to the actions of Storm; the heroic Golden Retriever. Go to the next page!