Brave Dog Spots Movement In The Water, Jumps In To Save Drowning Baby Deer!

We all dream of being a hero but when push comes to shove, only few of us are brave enough to take action. Storm, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever, is one of those brave souls.

What started out as a normal walk by the coast of Long Island turned into a scene straight out of a movie. A scene that made a hero out of Storm.

Storm and his human, Mark Freeley, were enjoying a nice Sunday stroll when they spotted something in the water. It was a distressed baby deer, struggling to stay afloat.

Like a good boy, Storm plunged into the water and started making his way to the deer. He then gently grabbed it by the neck, dragging the deer to safety.

As soon as his pooch hit the water, Freeley whipped out his phone and filmed the scene. It was an incredible moment after all!

Encouraged by his owner, Storm can be seen braving the waves in order to save the 3-month-old deer. A selfless act of heroism by a heroic pooch.

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