Fromm Issues Recall Of Three Dog Food Products!

If you give your pooch canned dog food by Fromm, then you might want to pay extra attention to this story. Fromm Family Pet Food of Wisconsin, in the news today, has announced a recall of different animal products.

The Breaking News is the fact that this prestigious company has voluntarily asked distributors to collect a series of its canned food products and ship them back to storage. They also recommend any owner in possession of opened product to dispose of it as soon as possible, to ensure that our four-legged friends don’t get a hold of it.

The official line, concerning this upheaval of stock, surrounds a recent test, done by the Conglomerate, that determined that a batch of its products contained an excess of Vitamin D.

They are urging retailers and owners to check their shelves and pantries for three separate types of canned dog food. Products and fare distributed between December 2015 and February 2016.

An abundance of Vitamin D may end up altering your animal’s diet and physical welfare. Although not fatal, it may bring about a series of health problems, such as vomiting, abdominal pain, weakness and muscle tremors.

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