Family Dog May Have To Be Put Down After Saving Life Of 5-Year-Old

This story is both relieving and heartbreaking. It goes to show that dogs really are man’s best friend. Several kids were playing in a yard when a fox suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Among the kids, it was Madison Hazen, 5, who became the target of the fox. Good thing the family dog was there.

The fox chased the little girl and then grabbed her pant leg but luckily for her, 13-year-old Ricky Howard and his dog Domino was just around the corner and came to her rescue.Domino the hero dog

“I was down there, and the fox was coming around. It got my pant leg, and I had to run,” Hazen said.

Ricky ran to Madison and kicked the fox off her. When the fox attacked a second time, Ricky’s dog Domino came to her rescue. He wrestled with the fox which caused him to to be bitten three times.

“(The fox) came around again, and it bit the family dog three times before it got me,” Hazen added.

“I kicked it, and he came out when it jumped here. I ran up and got a shovel and started beating on it,” said Howard.

Hazen’s parents are very thankful of the teen and his dog for their efforts to save their child. Go to the next page to see how the story ends. 

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