Thankful Boy’s Face Says It All After Family Dog Was Rescued!

Tragedy was closely averted near Constantine Bay in Cornwall England. The life of a beloved family dog was saved from plunging to oblivion by the furious efforts of the local constabulary.

Visiting the beautiful and tranquil natural oasis near the Bay, the Bateman family’s border terrier Maddie decided to scout out the landscape on her own. A decision that almost cost her her life.

Maddie was playing and sniffing too close to the edge, giving way to her curiosity, suddenly her foothold gave out and she tumbled over. Diving off the cliff into a break on the hill.

In a state of panic, the Bateman’s instantly phoned for help. Maddie yelping and crying below them, one false move away from puppy heaven.

Shortly after the first cry for help, Padstow Coastguard Cliff Rescue team, arrived all gung-ho ready for action. They rappelled off the sheer rock face, and managed to secure the frightened pooch.

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