Missing Girl Presumed Dead Found 11 Days Later, Thanks To Faithful Dog!

She frantically called the police once she discovered that Karina was lost. They scoured the area, by air and land for over a week.

Karina, meanwhile, was in a world of trouble; drought, hypothermia, bears, wolfs, dehydration, all vying for her attention. A desperate struggle that tugged at her lifeline.

Luckily, she had not gotten lost on her own. Besides her, as a constant companion, her faithful dog, Kyrachaan, kept her safe. He warded off savage beast, clothed her with his bulk on freezing nights and lead her to fresh water and wild berries.

A week after Karina had been lost, the town having called off the search and considering her dead, Kyrachaan, waltz into the village and lead the fire department towards Karina. The dog ended up saving this poor girl’s life.

Kyrachaan became an instant local legend, as the faithful dog’s heroics were honored with a statue at Yakutsk Airport.

Source: Little Things