Excited Dog Talks To Owner About Getting A Cat And It’s Funny As Hell

An excited dog couldn’t contain his excitement when his owner announced that they will add a cat to the family! Everyone who has ever owned a pet knows that dogs are very chatty. They may not speak English, but they sure have a way with words and expressions.

A simple look, a slight turn of the tail or even the tone of their bark, may actually speak volumes to their intent or design. Excited ogs, if allowed may actually drone on for hours and hours.

dog wants cat

Conversations with them has become a common practice among their parents. A strange odd scene that to an outsider may seem creepy and a bit nuts. But to a dog owner its is as mundane as the sun coming up each morning.

This excited dog and his owner are no exception to that. In fact; they talk and discuss absolutely everything! This time around, their conversation is about a new pet joining their family.. a kitten, in fact.

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