Elderly Woman Lost Her Husband. One Day, She Finds Puppy On Her Door Step

In 1953, Sally Rewehooeern left her home country of the Netherlands and moved to the United States. She lived with her husband, until he died in 1990.

Sally is now 92 years old and has been living alone ever since her husband passed away. It doesn’t help that her children are living faraway in different parts of the country.

Loneliness is common among the elderly, especially when their spouse dies. I can only imagine how lonely it must’ve been.

But everything changed one day when a pup ended up at her door step. A pup that belonged to the neighbor’s.

Her neighbors were heartbroken when they lost their senior dog Blizzard. Therefore, they opened their heart and door to another pup, a 15-year-old Saint Bernard named Brody.

The first day Brody arrived at his new family home, he darted through the fence and explored his neighborhood immediately. That’s how he chanced upon Sally, who lives down the street.

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