New Drug Hopes To Treat Dog Anxiety! Read On!!!

Anxiety is not a medical disorder that only attacks humans. It can be seen in animals too, especially dogs.. Dog anxiety is a very real thing!

When there is a thunderstorm, loud noises or even fireworks, dogs seem to sink into an agitated state and even show violent behavior. They tend to show their anxiety by running up and down, destroying things along their way or even howling to the point where the can irritate neighbors.

Even though veterinarians are not really sure why anxiety attacks dog, sometimes it can be related to past traumatic incidents involving hard noises, due to genetics or even because of anxious temperament.

According to Elizabeth Shull, a veterinarian with the Regional Institute for Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals, most anxiety episodes are triggered by loud noises or even stress due to the family environment.

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